Through our current exploration, we believe that the Guardian of Life is a universal essence that serves as a foundation for any partnerships and collaborations to collectively bring the necessary social transformation in transcending into a new brave world. This essence is guided by a living, evolving, and co-created Guardian of Life Fundamentals in order to seed the culture we all want to co-create.


Guardian of Life collaborates through collective action of its networks, loosely interdependent and independent, united in diversity through Guardian of Life essence. It is not a process as most humans have understood it to be in this present time. It's an embodied / immersive / experiential living system process where the process is not in the system but in the being of the person (also a living system / nature).

Being and living the living system.

Being and living the culture of the living system.

For this collaboration to be deeply meaningful, we explore together how to move our hearts, minds and hands for collective action. This is supported by the practical realisation of our collaborations through experimentation and prototyping of independent and interdependent initiatives, based on timeless and modern knowledge, and time tested tools.

This culture allows for designing systems, processes and governance that is true and of integrity to living systems: co-creating conditions from all living forms to thrive and live as an organism rather than individual entities.

From this essence we can then experiment to act locally, connect and collaborate regionally and learn globally (through online and offline platforms), finding a multitude of unique and regional ways on how live in emergence and as a living organism.


Through deep listening and nature-connection, we co-create a regenerative culture of care, learning and celebration that embodies interdependency and values meaningful connection.

Pioneering Gathering, Stockholm archipelago, September 25-28 2019.

In September 2019 a diverse group of 34 wonderful people from many corners of the earth came together in an exploration of: What and how is it to be a Guardian of Life.

Respected Indigenous Elders from 4 continents, pioneers of heart (activists/entrepreneurs/funders) came together for the immersive experience of love and care for all life forms, to be present to emergence and co-creation, in the service of the collective good, that enabled deep connection, collaboration and continuous experimentation as one united family. Some participants were not originally invited and didn't know what the gathering was about. They asked to be invited, willing to drop everything and do whatever it takes - clients, a talk to 200 people, spend their own money, travel for 24 hours etc - to be at the gathering. Most people involved were in some ways guided to the team and team guided to them by a larger force, out of our human control and decision-making.

Get involved — email us at: hello@guardianoflife.org