What and how

We are a loose collaborations of networks and partners - the Guardians of Life Collective.

Dancing together in emergence, we sense that these thought-provoking questions would contribute to a shift in collective consciousness.

For this collaboration to be deeply meaningful, we explore together how to move our hearts, minds and hands for collective action. This is supported by the practical realisation of our collaborations through experimentation and prototyping of independent and interdependent initiatives, based on timeless and modern knowledge, and time tested tools

Through our current exploration, we believe that the Guardian of Life is a universal essence that serves as a foundation for any partnerships and collaborations to collectively bring the necessary social transformation in transcending into a new brave world. However, the scale of ambition and speed of change requires collective effort that brings collective action and social transformation.

Therefore, in our definition of Collective, it is a network of loose collaborations consisting of different institutions, organisations, community groups and individuals. The Guardians of Life Collective is distinct to the Guardians of Life legal entity in the form of partnerships and collaborations living within and/ or outside its umbrella.

Guardian of Life collaborates through collective action of its networks, loosely interdependent and independent, united in diversity through Guardian of Life essence. This essence is guided by a living, evolving, and co-created Guardian of Life Fundamentals in order to seed the culture we all want to co-create.

Fundamentally, a culture that is about reconnecting to our ancestral culture that already embodies these Guardian of Life fundamentals. This ancestral culture is essentially founded on community and connection where integrity lies in the conscious effort to speak and act from the wisdom of the heart, enriched by a wholeness mindset.

Furthermore, it enables the loose network in the Guardians of Life Collective to be resilient in the face of challenges and opportunities because of the strength in the diversity of its networks of collaborations, loosely and flexible in its interactions and interconnections for it to be long-lasting and self-sustaining.

Our first prototype is to convene a global conversation consisting of pioneers, enablers, and wisdom keepers where all are invited to trust our collective vision and values to realise in emergence what is wanting to manifest.


Through deep listening and nature connection, we co-create a culture of care (love), learning and celebration that embodies interdependency and values interactions for stronger bonding and connected relationships

Guided by law of nature and natural lifecycle where life creates conditions conducive to life - Biomimicry’s guiding principles.