Guided by synchronicities and a deep calling of our heart and soul, we came together and formed a loose collaboration of co-creators, enablers, and wisdom keepers with a shared vision and core values. We aim to realise and evolve together through the various shades of darkness and light striving towards a more beautiful, balanced, and harmonious world for present and future generations. Embracing wholeness and emergence in our journeys of inquiry, exploration and discovery.

Given the complex challenges of our time, we are all working on our respective individual concepts and projects in service of what is desperately needed right now. We soon realised that our individual work cannot be done alone in such a complex, interdependent and constantly changing world. It will require joining forces with others to seek connections, strengthen our support to each other, and co-create more life to flourish through our collective networks of networks.

Together we stand, divided we fall.


Mila Aliana

Mila Aliana

Consultant - Strategic and Operational Team

Mila is a global senior consultant with an entrepreneurial background for close to 30 years. She has a wealth of commercial acumen for strategic advice and execution of global organizational transformations. She leads multi-million dollar portfolios of strategic change projects and programmes within diverse industries and sectors, bringing in a complex adaptive and emergent systems lens. Mila wears other professional hats such as organizing world economic forums, executive coaching, and mentoring, facilitation, and actively involved in international project developments, social innovations, community organizing, and social, economic, and environmental justice and campaigning.

Consequently, Mila has directly experienced the barriers to change at every level of society within social, economic and environmental contexts. Mila has been navigating the quest to understand how nature and society learn and manifest during change, emerging towards a deeper understanding of what and how it means to be a Guardian of Life.

Nils Joneborg

Nils Joneborg

Physician - Strategic and Operational Team

Nils is a psychiatrist seeing and sensing the world from from deep understanding of human suffering originating from three core dimensions of health: physical, psychological/social and spiritual. From this systems lens view, he sees the need for wholeness in order for profound and collective healing to take place.

For many years, Nils has dedicated his professional life to the discovery and application of different strands of integrative medicine and how to create opportunity for organisational health. Prototyping and learning in different sectors. He sees the disconnection from inner and outer nature to be the greatest cause of disease in social, economic and environmental systems. Nils is convinced that a healthy and connected community is essential for healing, including the healing of collective trauma.

A wholeness understanding of health and well-being is necessary for harmony and integrity when embracing the role of the Guardian of Life.

Göran Gennvi

Göran Gennvi

Consultant - Strategic Team Member

Göran is the Founder and CEO of Nature Academy Learning Lab.

In 1997, Göran pioneered transformative development methods in Sweden and Europe, collaborating closely with faith keeper Oren Lyons and later on with John P Milton. He has conducted numerous ”Nature Quest” with Swedish and global top leaders

Since 2005, Göran has held senior management positions such as senior advisor at Tällberg Foundation and board member of Ekskäret Foundation with the aim to create a conscious society through initiatives that stimulates development at individual and societal level. Göran also held a faculty position at IFL Stockholm Business School (SSE Executive Education) between 1997-2017.

Since the early nineties, in a world of constant change, he sees nature as the best teacher. Indeed, Goran is greatly inspired from cultures that are in constant harmony with nature since time memorial. He has developed a long-term and trusting relationship with Sami elders and faith keeper Oren Lyons, and is working in various collaborations with them and other cultures. Goran considers himself as a pathfinder and a Guardian of Life.


Alexander Crawford

Alexander Crawford

Consultant - Strategic Team Member

Alexander Crawford is an advisor and analyst working as an independent consultant and learning process designer.

He works in global projects that explore interdependencies and complexity, in Sweden, Europe and China. For over ten years, he was research director and project director at the Tällberg Foundation, where he was lead program designer and project leader for the yearly Tällberg Forum (2005-2013).

He has designed, produced and curated dozens of workshops and conferences, and is also an experienced analyst of economic, social and political trends. Alexander is also involved in several non-profits and start-ups.

Alexander is 53 years old, grew up in the USA, France and Switzerland, and has lived in Stockholm for 25 years. He has an economics degree from the London School of Economics, is married with two grown children. He enjoys the mountains (skiing, hiking and climbing), the outdoors, good books and zeitgeist-capturing TV-series and films.

Marco Steiger

Marco Steiger

Consultant - Strategic Team Member

Marco was born in 1966 in Switzerland into a family of musicians, is married with two children. In 2004, Marco co-founded the World Spirit Forum in Arosa, dedicating his life work for transformation into action. He also co-founded a private School at the Lake of Constance as a first shifting educational experience and started with a team a new school model under the "resourcive" principals. He started supporting several NGOs around the world

with their projects and visions. In 2010, he started “The ART of Life” movement as a Swiss association to connect meaningful life projects, especially for young adults around the world. By 2012, he became a certified Dragon Dreaming Trainer. He has shared this wisdom with many successful projects and people in Europe and Asia.

Marco only "works” for joy and for the passion to support the transition movement into a WIN-WIN-WIN solution for the great turning. His vision is to connect meaningful projects and people around the world, contributing to the bigger transformation on planet Earth.





Caroline Stiernstedt Sahlborn

Caroline Stiernstedt Sahlborn

Chair - Ekskäret Foundation

Caroline is a senior consultant working with transformation and leadership development in diverse companies and organisations around the world. She has worked with change for more than 20 years delivering strategic advice and operational execution for leadership programs. These programs consist of design, development, and running of leadership workshops (conferences/ seminars), both in Sweden and internationally.

She held a variety of leadership positions, namely at Tällberg Foundation and presently as Chairman of Ekskäret Foundation.

In this latest role, Caroline addresses complex challenges to develop new co-creative initiatives that involve strategic partnerships. She draws on her expertise in change management and multi-stakeholder dialogues, gained from her experiences working with and within private, public and non-governmental organisations.

In managing change, Caroline aims to contribute better forms of co-creation to catalyse a responsible collective mind shift. As a result, the collective surfaces new solutions to problems that cannot be solved at an individual level. Similar to the Guardian of Life, new insights require the courage and commitment to act responsibly, in parallel to the willingness to explore with curiosity in emergence.



Tonia Moya

Tonia Moya

Executive Director



Tommy Gärdh

Tommy Gärdh

Film Producer - Visionary Films Stockholm

We are passionate about producing films that inspire and empower people. We believe in the human potential to create a sustainable world and we love to create content that reflects those values and insights.

One example is the documentary film The Urban Green, commissioned by WWF to highlight sustainability efforts being made in cities around the globe. The film was premiered at the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris in December 2015.

We truly believe that inspiring storytelling, documentaries and short films enriches the lives of people and have the power to connect, engage, empower and improve our world.

We work with both small and large organisations and companies to help tell their story in an inspiring way.


Isak Joneborg

Isak Joneborg

Website designer - Third Room

Isak is a psychology student with a passion for nature, music and a rising interest for spirituality. He is currently based in Lund, Sweden, where he also designs websites.


Leo Yankton

Leo Yanton

Social, environmental and economic Native activist

Leo, also known as Totem, belongs to the Oceti Sakowin (Seven Council Fires) Confederation of Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations. His specific ancestral affiliation is with the Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge, South Dakota. With a wealth of experiences both on and off the Pine Ridge Reservation, Leo is a community leader, an international speaker, a social, environmental and economic Native Activist.

Leo wants to share his culture with people that are interested in learning about the Lakota way of life. He started a website called Nota Medicine Man as an educational project to raise awareness of Indigenous culture.


Merle Lefkoff

Merle Lefkoff

Founder - Centre for Emergent Diplomacy

Merle is Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Emergent Diplomacy, an action research organization based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S. The organization has decades of work in diplomatic negotiations in conflict zones around the world. Presently, the Center applies the principles of complex systems dynamics to scale up change efforts addressing the chaos surrounding “forever wars” and climate catastrophe.

Our work includes teaching creative leadership as an emergent property of unprecedented change, requiring a consciousness that we are all Guardians of Life at a moment in time that needs a new story about the resilient world to come.


Maria Osterberg

Maria Osterberg

Professional rider and horse-advocate

Maria has been working professionally with horses, mainly thoroughbreds since 16 years of age as a work rider, jockey and assistant trainer and lived 24/7 with those horses. She still loves thoroughbreds but the industry ”killed my spirit”. Maria quit racing after over 20 years in the business and started travelling with a native horse trainer, taught by his elders in Lame Deer Montana in the Cheyenne reservation. He introduced her to the native culture, which changed her life forever.

Maria went to Standing Rock to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline and later volunteered at the Buffalo Field Campaign in Yellow Stone where the last remaining wild bison herds are being watched over by a devoted group of people.

She believe horses are healing people and through that we can save horses from slaughter and start Equine Therapy Programs in the native reservations in North America. The competition world needs a higher awareness and an ”indigenous” understanding of the horse as a spiritual and biological creature.


Jan Friman

Jan Friman

Founder - Lead to Learn Initiative (L2L)

Jan has been an entrepreneur at heart since starting his first company at 18, setting up a progressive art gallery in his apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. His previous background as a project manager in the global advertising industry proved valuable when in the beginning of 2013 immersing himself in the fast paced startup scene, co-founding Freelway, one of Sweden’s first true sharing economy enterprises. As a management consultant and aspiring coach with experience working both with global brands, small businesses and government organizations, Jan early began to develop a deep interest and passion for the intersection between online communication, innovation and mutual learning.

During the last few years, focusing on his consultancy business, a realization emerged, exposing that genuine organizational learning and growth need to be facilitated through a well linked and synchronized network of people who genuinely care both for themselves, everyone else as well as the planet at large. All in well balanced measures through pure intention. To genuinely care for other beings and the environment as a coherent ecosystem are fundamental and at the core of being a Guardian of Life.


Jenny Andersson

Jenny Andersson

Founder - We Activate the Future

Jenny is a creative strategist working with organisations who want to be part of a regenerative future for people and planet, and a trusted advisor for their CEOs and leadership teams. She uses collective learning processes and change programmes to help organisations develop their sustainability strategies and strategic narratives, and activate them through co-creativel processes. She calls on 30 years of experience advising global purpose-led brands and scale-ups to deliver world-class facilitated interventions which deliver results. She is a trained facilitator in Theory U, Art of Hosting, and more recently is training in biomimicry for social innovation. She designs learning experiences for leadership teams who want to develop creative thinking, and disruptive and regenerative innovation ideas. She curates experiences where people are empowered to ask challenging questions and create transformational solutions. She is founder of We Activate The Future, The Bioregional Reslience Trust and Senior Adviser to She Leads Change.


Joe Ross

Joe Ross

Author, Poet

An Author, Poet, and Social Strategy Designer, Joe Ross works in developing new thinking around economic and social issues, often including the Arts as a transformational vehicle for positive change. He has served as Chief of Policy and Senior Advisor to prominent institutions, foundations, and governments including the City of San Diego, California, PlaNet Finance in Paris, and the Tallberg Foundation in Stockholm.


Talya Weinberg

Talya Weinberg

Dreamer, Planner, Doer & Celebrator

Talya Weinberg is a social and humanitarian clown, actress, artivist, designer, and cultural and social entrepreneur. She is a facilitator of the Dragon Dreaming process and a social innovation expert. Talya is from Colombia, where she currently lives, having also lived in Israel for 16 years.

Talya and her partner Dror Noy founded the ethical fashion brand Yumajai, which supports indigenous artists and communities. They facilitate change processes in Latin America and the world through their international consultancy InsideHub. She founded the nomadic theater group ‘Kismaya’, which uses education, play, ecology, and art to deliver messages of inspiration, and hope to children around the world.

Talya has worked as a clown in a variety of contexts--in hospitals around the world, in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, with refugees in Europe, in peace processes in Colombia, with vulnerable communities in Peru along with mentor Patch Adams, and in communities facing environmental crises such as plastic in the ocean off the shores of Colombia.

Over the past six years, she has developed the Heart Spaces model, a method for designing entry strategies for communities working with social clowning and social technologies.





Robert Krook

Robert Krook

Robert Krook - Founder of OrgBooster

Beyond his early service as an elite military officer he has worked for over 15 years in a multinational environment across thirty-seven geographies in Europe and the USA. His experience and successful track record in the areas of strategic Human Resources and General Management in a highly brand oriented environment allows him to deliver a unique perspective in the strategic planning process as well as in tactical implementation processes.

Today Robert is a recognised expert on leadership and strategy. His focus is on inspiring and developing executive teams, mentoring senior business leaders, facilitating strategic workshops and supporting execution and organisational change. His distinctive personal style and use of innovative tools and solutions has helped numerous teams and individuals make a leap in performance.

“I believe that a person’s performance is determined by their perception of self-worth, how stimulated they are intellectually and how good their physical health is. This is true for myself too; when I’m in that “zone” I succeed with everything I do. So I have brought my passion and values into the work I do."

OrgBooster helps to transform the core value of businesses and individuals from being exclusively profit-driven to becoming businesses and leaders that also make a positive impact in the society they operate in and organisations they work for. I find personal satisfaction and stimulation in being part of this fascinating process.”



Tomas Bjorkman - Ekskäret Foundation


Ulf Stenerhag



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