Can we transform the complex challenges we face together? It’s undeniably a massive challenge. Yet history has shown time and time again how innovative and adaptable we are, striving towards harmony and balance.

Humanity is capable of extraordinary things when We decide to do what is necessary. We have done it before. We can do it again. What seems impossible turns out to be possible.

GL was born out of a deep calling to our hearts and soul to collaborate for what is needed during these challenging times for humanity and all life forms. It has lead us to the intent to explore and discover timeless and modern wisdom for long-lasting co-existence between humanity, nature, and all other life forms, living in balance and in harmony.

A few cultures have demonstrated this harmonious co-existence, caring and enabling all life forms to be nurtured and flourish, tuning into the natural cycle of life.

Through intimate gatherings, we invite pioneers, enablers and wisdom-keepers to explore and collaborate with us on this exploration journey of discovery: What and how is it to embody the Guardian of Life?

What would it take for society to live in balance and harmony co-existing with all life forms?

How would this wisdom be embraced at cellular level rather than an intellectual exercise?

What is the mindset that allows us to embody the Guardian of Life?


What and how is it to embody the Guardian of Life?

A caretaker of all living forms with wholeness (interdependence) mindset, in alignment to Laws of Nature and natural lifecycle of living systems in evolution.